In Conversation with Mario Chan, Broker of Record at RE/MAX Dynamics Realty

Ever wonder what it’s like starting your own real estate brokerage? Mario Chan is the Broker of Record at RE/MAX Dynamics Realty’s Concord Office. He is an experienced, award-winning bilingual real estate professional. Here are some of the most important tips Mario shared with me during our discussion on his journey as a business owner:

On managing a team: “The number one thing to keep top talent is to ‘make a profit’ for everyone. You have to ensure your business creates value for your team.” He spoke about his experience as a salesperson that wanted more support, and added: “I knew the importance of value creation from the brokerage to its salespeople, I now try my best to create value and obtain real estate inventory for my team.”

On the most challenging thing as a business owner: “All the challenges have been within my control. The most challenging thing is not knowing what your employees will be like after the interviews, or how they will execute something.”

On tips for someone entering the real estate industry: “First, focus on closing every deal to the best of your ability and make your clients happy. The good things will come naturally. So many skills such as negotiation are learned by doing.”

On being in sales: “It is good to have thick skin with rejections, but always remember to present yourself as valuable. It is good to show the clients your value so that it is harder for them to leave you. Once you reach a goal for your client, they will come to you.” 🌞

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